"..Because You Can't Have One Without THe other.."

A Paranormal Team that connects the Dark History of Haunted Locations to their Evidence..

Based out of Austin, Texas, History/Paranormal enthusiasts Jane and Bert investigate known haunted sites, as well as find new sites across Texas and the U.S., connecting the history and lore to the supernatural activity.

With help from written history, psychic mediums, field professionals..As well as Modern Scientific Instruments like the Spirit Box, EMF Detectors, SLScamera and The Paranormal Puck 2..We aim to contribute to the ever growing library of credible proof of the other side.

NEVER resorting to scare tactics, Unearthly is here to gather the most honest, genuine paranormal & historical evidence possible..

..Because you can't have one without the other.

Full Featured Paranormal Investigations with The Haunted History Behind Each Location

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